Monday, April 10, 2006

Painting full time is a thing of the past for the time being as I move back to doing some game stuff. I've just conducted an e-interview for PC Zone magazine because of Flatspace II, many thanks to Martin Korda for the opportunity! Today I've finished updating Taskforce to v1.02, it's taken a year for this update which mainly affects the demo (although spiders now multiply more slowly and troops do get given some default equipment instead of starting with nothing). I have to work out how to break the update news to the world because I've got Future Snooker v1.01 to release on Saturday AND an update to Flatspace II out soon. Should I wait and issue one email about all updates? I like Taskforce, many things balance well, but it's sold only about ten copies in two years and I can see that changing a relatively few gameplay elements could change the game substantially. Those changes would be too major for an update and affect the plot and whole feel of the game though. I'd like to make a future game based around this strategic theme because it's one of my favourites.

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