Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I'm working on some sound effects for IndieSFX this week and have just released my last set, Car Sounds. All the while though I'm thinking of painting and music. I've come up with a new way to practise drawing. One of the hardest parts about drawing is getting the propotions and angles of lines correct. To become an expert draughtsman you must be able to recognise the exact relative length and angle of two lines. Determining relative lengths is most difficult when one line is horizontal and one vertical. Noticing the hidden shapes and negative spaces in an object is a big help here but not all things have those shapes. My method is to draw the scene at an angle, at 45 degrees or even 90 degress to the thing you are looking at. This forces your mind to perform a geometrical translation, making the process more difficult but also better training. A head that is straight is easier to draw than one at an angle. This method will hopefully train me to draw angled things as proficiently as orthogonally placed things. All I need is the motivation to practise which is lacking on this hollow and depressed day.

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