Monday, May 08, 2006

This week I'm underpainting my Art of Painting picture, it should take at least six contiguous days. The past few days have been nervous and melancholy. The phone was knocked out sometime on Wednesday night and phone and Internet access were off until Saturday morning. As I run Internet business this was stressful, but my unpopularity as a game vendor meant that only one sale was a day late in the end. The episode inspired me to paint a surreal picture called "Waiting for B.T.". It's currently drying in the underpainting stage and will take about two weeks before I can continue work on it. Reading the van Gogh letters makes me envy his speedy techinique. I also watched Lust for Life for the first time, which was convenient. The film is quite accurate in terms of events although it portrays his collapse as something due to his natural temperament. Reading his letters, a large part of all of them over ten years consists of hopes that are constantly being dashed, money worries, hunger, nervous illnesses and loneliness. Those things, in my opinion, were the cause of his mental health problems.

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