Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm busy this week working on several things at once. First a sound effects commission for an R.T.S. game. I'm also fitting in the development of a hex based war game, but that is mostly being relegated to weekends and evenings while I get some more painting done. I have four pictures that are half completed. There is a new version of an old painting called Hello Earth, a portrait of Lana Turner (also a new version of an old painting), a surreal picture in the style of Rhino called The Flute Player and on called The Art Of Painting which I'm overpainting this week. I've also got two in the sketch stage and two with completed compositions but nothing more. The Art Of Painting is on a wooden panel which is an excellent surface. The transparent polystyrene of the Lady with the Unicorn below was lightweight and smooth but had an annoying downside of attracting dust due to static attraction. I wonder if acrylic or polycarbonate generate less of a static field.

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