Thursday, September 07, 2006

As far as painting goes I have some details to add to Penalties which I'll do next Monday, then some underpainting of a picture of some clouds. I'll probably start one more picture before moving on to music next month and game development for the rest of the year. The new painting is a complex symbol filled picture in the mould of pictures like Rhino and Eventide 3800, and more directly The Migraine Tree (although this picture is larger, the same size as Faces of Autumn which is my only other medium sized picture in this style). I'm refining an idea about art I call Symphonic Painting where one theme or motif is repeated (with modifications) throughout the picture, like the theme in a musical symphony. Each repeat can have a different emotion associated with it and so it's a way of adding a time dimension into the picture to tell a complex story.

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