Thursday, September 21, 2006

I've just written my first song in a few weeks, this was inspired by my recent discovery of a remote British island, Tristan da Cunha. The song is called Home and it has rather a Scottish musical theme, here are the lyrics:

As I hold the letter your wrote me
I can hear your voice sing to my heart.
For your lines like the hope in a memory
signaled me like a light in the dark.

As a man I have lived on the mainland
faraway from the place I belong.
I was born on a far away island,
and my years have fled by, now I long
to go home.


As I stand on the deck of the ferry,
As I see skies of scarlet and grey
I recall every childhood day memory
how we ran through the grass and the hay.

As I worked in the far away city
I remembered the promise we made,
and your words in the letter you sent me
like a rainbow resplendent have bade
me back home.


In my nights in my lonely apartment
I could see you still waving goodbye.
And now soon on the same wooden jetty
I will hold you and truly know I've
arrived home.


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