Saturday, September 23, 2006

More work on the complex background of my painting today (which is many things, an earthquake and also flailing arms and a cloak blowing in the wind) plus some preparations for the next layer of a picture with a mixed bag of titles, it might end up as "self-portrait as clouds". The Liberté de Expression exhibition submission date has closed and I have submitted two of my favourite paintings, I'll have to wait two weeks before I hear whether either have been accepted. The "One Love" competition deadline is Monday too. These two represent my only attempts at publicity for my painting this year but the lack of effort on that front doesn't concern me because my work is slowly yet continually getting better, which is the important thing. The quality of the picture my ultimate concern. Time, money, pain and all other considerations must come second. It looks like the pictures that I have in progress will take another month to finish at least which is regrettable but if it takes a month it takes a month. If a year is necessary, a year is necessary. Short cuts and/or laziness makes a poor artist. It's better to make one good thing than a hundred bad ones.

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