Tuesday, October 17, 2006

First I thought I must continue the renovations to Bytten (which needs some database changes and research into php strings), then that I must make some sound packs for IndieSFX, then that I must start a new symphonic CD that I've had planned for months, then I thought no I first must clear out the half finished tunes in my Noise Station projects folder (some date back to 2003!), then I thought no I must create a new album of minimalist songs, then I thought no I must finish the two half finished songs I've got written (the sequel to The Ben Crawley Steel Company and a new one called Hey), then I thought that I must instead compose a third painting to complete a triptych of terror together with the two paintings I've got in progress because it would create a fitting end to 2006, then I thought that first I must finish those because each will take at least a week, then I thought no I must first finish another painting, a self-portrait as clouds, but then I thought no it's more important to photograph the London Underground painting, but then I thought that priorities must go to signing a new contract with BeatSuite (a royalty free music website that has some of my tunes on it), then I thought no I should prepare for the release of Gunstorm II, or more efficiently continue on chapter six of my grand interactive fiction story because that really needs to get finished and has been in progress for three months or so. In the end I decided to type these things out instead so I can more sensibly and logically prioritise them but now it looks like its nearly 9:00 so I'll go and watch Horizon instead.

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