Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm happy today after some good news. Firstly "Penalties", my entry into the One Love art prize, has been selected for the Lowry exhibition. Secondly I started work on some new symphonic music. I'd been planning the music all week, and trying too but without much success. The start is the most difficult thing because it involves balancing out lots of different parts and getting the important music inspiration correct, the transliteration of emotions into audio. Imagining the music is easy, I could write a full symphony in my head in less time than it takes to play it, the hard part is slowing things down and remembering the exact feeling for each part while one goes through the slow and labourious parts of writing the thing down (and or sequencing it). It's segmentation and planning and is probably only a problem now because of my new way of writing. Before I started painting I would play around in the sequence until I made some music that sounded nice, then modified that. Now though my ideas have changed and I first think of the emotion or concept, then let the music form itself. That part isn't difficult but, as I've just mentioned, getting that sequenced and sounding good is tricky.

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