Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Painting this week, the repainting of my Liza Minelli picture is done. The green is very bright and may benefit from a top layer to dull it a bit (this should generally be avoided, subsequent layers should be brighter not duller). I'm not sure about this so I'll wait a few days. I've got three other pictures that I might be able to fit in this week. Two for glazing and one for underpainting although I'm a bit crotchety, perhaps due to a new psychological disease caused by viscous painting media which I'll call syrupitis. Dali said that the secret of painting was in the viscosity of the media. I wouldn't say that's all there is too it but even when it's a tiny bit too thick it can really affect the results and my mood. There's nothing so sublime as glazing with perfect media, and nothing worse (or more ill advised) than trying to paint delicate things with neat stand oil. I haven't wrote any songs in ages so there's one new years resolution gone.

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