Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Execution of King Charles I is now glazed and a new picture, half a broken heart, is now underpainted too in record time. Today is for framing and a new attempt at adapting my flatbed scanner for large format scanning. My next new painting idea will be on the theme of "Winter" and the good ideas are, quite usually, slow to come. When trying to free think imagery, some good eye food is necessary. Eye food consists of images recently seen. We might have our eyes open all day, but most images are ignored by the visual memory because it takes a little concentration to store them. Those temporarily stored images are sorted later, sometimes in dreams, and at least accessible by the subconscious. That temporary visual memory is the palette, the ingredients, used by the visual imagination so when searching for images it is important to nourish it, and ensure that it is filled with the right sort of food.

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