Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My two academy hopefuls have now been dropped off. Another painting week is over, and a productive one. Four paintings were worked on. The A.I. picture now has it's new dramatic sky, and three others have been underpainted. The first was The Execution of King Charles I, one of my most surreal looking images. In cobalt turquoise blue and contrasting rusty red this is a sad picture about the change, blood and death of the civil war monarch. The second was a picture of Marlene Dietrich as a mountain and her clothing a misty waterfall. The third is a tower of bees hit by a giant wave, this is about the impact of a devastating unexpected event. The third one will be painted a little differently from my usual style because the violent sea would benefit from violent knife painting, in contrast to the relatively delicate bees. With these four, I now have five pictures that are about 50% complete (the other being Sysiphus, rolling his rock under the setting sun as the gods look on and laugh).

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