Friday, May 25, 2007

I am now working on this picture, which Leonardo designed but didn't paint. Given that I started work on this complex pose in December 2005, started the final underdrawing in May 2006, prepared the panel in December 2006, and am now only just starting the underpainting, then I might just do the old boy justice in terms of time taken on one painting. I think it will be finished by 2008, but certainly not before the end of June. Some surprise news too. One of my pictures, Crying Invader, has just been accepted into the "Whittingham Riddell Shrewsbury International Open Art Exhibition 2007". Based on last year, the show is very eclectic and contempory in terms of the art on show, filled with at least as many installations, videos and sculptures as paintings. I quite like the picture even if it's not as fine as many of my newer ones. I don't expect to win one of the prizes on offer with this, but it will be nice to see in its appropriately battered and sad frame.

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