Sunday, June 03, 2007

Well most of the underpainting to the Madonna picture is complete although the background remains uncertain. I've also added another layer to a figure painting called Somebody to Love and overpainted two small pictures, The Last Days of Rapa Nui and You Must Report to Oncology. Other life is as miserable as ever but failures as a game developer and musician will transform to success as a painter I am sure. Thought for the day is why do hoovers have retractable power cords when similar things such as lawnmowers do not? Surreal experiments continue; a dream the other night consisted of a violent man chasing me while his head was on fire after he poured petrol over it and lit it. I have a few scenes listed now for a short surreal film but I lack the time and equipment as yet. A snap of my latest finished painting is pictured.

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