Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good progress on my artwork is being made and this intensive period is starting to reap real rewards in terms of picture quality and lessons learned. There are a few pictures in various stages of progress at the moment;

1. Perseus and the Burning Tree is a picture about ecological destruction, split down the middle with a cowering green forest on the left, a burning screaming tree in the middle and dark rose pink buildings on the dead right where Perseus holds aloft the head of Medusa as a symbol of man's power.

2. Charlie Chaplin Disappointed At Not Being Able To Stop Global Fascism is a surreal portrait in the classic style of these things. This is underpainted and awaiting a top layer.

3. The Time For Love Has Nearly Flown is a very small panel that plays upon visual themes of love hearts and hourglasses making us of my ideas of symphonic painting where a visual motif or theme is repeated throughout the picture with modification like the theme in a musical work.

4. Reaching For The Untouchable Strawberry features a beautiful reclining lady whose golden clothing becomes a desert, as her outstretched arm changes into a gaping mouth achingly reaching towards a strawberry pricked with steel needles on a rope that swings away.

5. Heavy Clouds Over A Misty Desert Landscape plays with heaviness and light, with iron rock clouds chained to the sky over a soft fluffy desert.

6. The Arrow and the Dandelion is an overt picture about ecological damage and parallels a flower with the pose of an arrow that pierces the floor.

7. The Domination of the Fishes is a small panel that plays upon the ideas in my other picture Bye Bye Little Fishes (and thank you).

8. Artificial Venus is a simple female figure study, light on near black like an old Dutch portrait.

There are about four others in waiting too. I can announce that lifesize limited edition giclee prints of both The Last Days of Rapa Nui and Half a Broken Heart are now available. Limited to 12 signed copies the prints are made on archival velvet rag (100% cotton) with lightfast Canon Ultrachrome inks. The current price is £30 ($60 US) plus postage. Please email me if you would like a print.

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