Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I've mainly been working on some exciting new sound effects for IndieSFX this month with some painting progress too. I'm experiencing lots of worry this month as the summer blues hits Internet game sales, plus a weird scare where I couldn't seem to download files from my web space. I must have faith and keep working depsite such stresses.

My Crying Invader from 2006 is now on public display in Shrewsbury at an interesting exhibiton about artificial intelligence. It is not very finely finished but the picture about emotion in computer games does explain itself. More than half of the other exhibits seem to have nothing to do with A.I. and you need to read the text to work out what on earth the artist was trying to get across. Many displays are good though, from a huge LED version of Conway's Life, to a war between dolls and robots.

The picture is of Somebody to Love, my latest finished painting and I think my first of full figures.

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