Friday, October 19, 2007

Well it's been a busy week. I'm currently working on a number of paintings. Three in the sketch and study stage as follows; one large format is a provisionally called 31st Century Crucifiction and will mix abstract, realism and surrealism to create a picture about the robotisation of humanity, that is the removal of emotions in a technological future. The second is The Morning Hour, an upbeat picture about starting a new life after a divorce. The third is The Gate, a repainting of an earlier suureal idea of a moonlit gateway.

Today I've added perhaps the final touches to two pictures; a relaxing bedroom painting on commission for Andrew Williams, and "No Good Ideas" which uses a cracked and harsh landscape with skulls to represent the lack of ideas for paintings. A figure grasps for a kite in blue sky to represent a good idea, without noticing that ideas (in the guise of kites) were scattered all over the picture all along. So this sad picture has a happy ending, a redeeming quality.

Oh, some good art news. "Bye Bye Little Fishes, and thank you" has been selected for the prestigious Three Counties Open Art Exhibtion at Keele University. "Bye Bye" uses a line of fish swimming towards a sunset as a metaphor for the slow extinction of fish species.


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