Monday, January 21, 2008

I've been painting all week (my weeks usually start on Friday and end Tuesday) and the main glazing layer of my new Morning Hour painting is now complete. I've also signed two others, So It Has Come To This (is about pollution and is similar to The Flute Player, the football one and other complex ones) and Mary Brian Twenty Years On which is a simple portrait. That makes 3 paintings done in 2008 so far. I'll put them on my website once scanned, which will take until they dry sufficiently.

Meanwhile I've also finished a new track to the twelve seasons, the extended version of an old musical idea called The Four Seasons of Dance. This time there is a mix of tracks a moods, around the theme of seasons; three for each. Most of the tracks are done now, only two left to write. This should be my second musical release of 2008, with the new Spiral Staircase due for release on March the first.

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