Saturday, June 28, 2008

The self portrait is now complete and drying, as is a second Starving Scarecrow. At the moment I'm underpainting Sunset with Petalliforms, a picture that was planned and prepared last November. 31st Century Crucifiction is ready but I need to paint a detailled colour study first. My skills appear to be improving with each finished picture and I'm learning more about framing and decoration too. I hope to customise more frames in future. But enough of paint work!

I've added an events page to my website, which I'll probably take down after the exhibition season. The two paintings exhibited in Nantwich church sold, making a total of five sales since the start of May. As I type, two paintings are on display in Nantwich book shop too, with hopefully five of my best to be shown in the last exhibition of the summer at Bickerton.

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