Friday, June 13, 2008

Today I've prepared the underdrawing to 31st Century Crucifiction, one of the few large sized painting planned for this summer (by large, I mean about 50 to 100cm edges). This one is about the destruction of emotion by technology and uses a mix of geometrical shapes and more realistic organic forms. Other pictures in progress are; A balloon released by a small child long long ago; Alain the sad bathysphere, which is about working in isolation under pressure; Light at the end of a long dark tunnel, uses a trapezium shaped panel; a second version of the starving scarecrow picture; a picture about the changes within post war Britain depicting the god Albion; a sad construction called Arrow stabbed vine; a surreallist portrait of hypnotist Derren Brown; and a new self portrait. There are 3 or 4 others ready but not yet started too.

With luck all of my painting for the year will be mostly concluded by October allowing me to get some work done musically. A long standing project with my best music to date, currently called the 12 seasons, awaits completion and I'd like to work on a second symphonic work like the spiral staircase.

I must remain confident that all of these works will eventually be seen/heard, and I do so with an increasing and glorious certainty.

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