Sunday, July 20, 2008

It hit me today that both the political left and right are missing the point. The early socialists (in the 19th century that is) didn't object to the rich, they objected to the lazy. After watching The Cheeky Girls talking about how hard working people should spend spend spend, it struck me that most people equate money with work, and equate more money with harder work, when in reality this hardly ever happens, in fact it's more common for the rich to do hardly any work and for poor people to work like crazy for very little. The aim of socialism, and of capitalism for it to work best, shouldn't be wealth redistribution, it should be to ensure that people who work get paid according to the amount of work they do, and that is all. In this respect, the political left should be closer to capitalists than the right. The class war is nothing to do with rich and poor; it should be the lazy vs. the workers (although Karl Marx, the laziest famous man I can think of, might disagree with my analysis). Perhaps I'll write a new manifesto.

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