Thursday, August 07, 2008

The underpainting to the large Albion painting is now complete. The five large, and hopefully spectacular paintings of 2008 are now well underway. They are "Two Roman Legionaries Discovering The God-King Albion Turned Into Stone" (now underpainted, this will need at least three subsequent layers for special effect reasons). "Sunset With Petalliforms" (underpainted, awaiting primary glaze). "31st Century Crucifiction" (underpainted, awaiting gilding and first colouring layer; this picture includes both gold and will have a few layers of jewel-like colours like pure ultramarine). "The Death of Socialism By Its Own Hand" (to be underpainted over the next few days). "Three Graves" which is prepared but untouched. The last one is sort of surrealist-cubist and might be delayed due to more urgent work.

I've spent the last few days planning and preparing more ideas too. I hope to sumbit a painting into the annual Sue Ryder charity auction and have planned a picture specifically for this. If it doesn't work out beautifully I'll submit something else. There's also a competition for uranium enrichment company Urenco's calendar. They want a pretty landscape and I'm sure I can do one (but of course I'll make it a little bit unique, a bit different from any other entry... the fact that Urenco enrich uranium for atomic devices inspired me; but I must ultimately paint a pleasant pastoral landscape). One for next year's Derbyshire open is pending too. These competition ones must have priority. I have about five other paintings waiting too.

I'll need to work non-stop to do all of these by the end of September. In October I want to do music, and I need to get some sound effect work done.

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