Friday, November 21, 2008

My rules for artists:

1. Make good art.
2. Analyse each picture coldly to ensure that it is good. Analyse its good and bad elements. Analyse its emotional content and contrasts. Analyse its techniques. Calculate how it could have been better. Make detailed notes during painting and you will learn from your mistakes more easily.
3. It is better to paint one good picture than one hundred average ones.
4. It is better to paint one bad picture than none at all.
5. Do not think about an idea so long that you corrupt it. After a time limit, destroy a failing idea and start again.
6. Do not be lazy. Do not cut corners.
7. Do not flood your own market.
8. Make your art worth a high price and charge that high price. Great artists die of poverty. Foolish artists live in poverty.
9. You will dislike all of your pictures, expect this, and ignore this. Tell the world your art is great.
10. Paint beautiful. A good picture awes art critics, small children and ignoramuses. Please all three.
11. Include an element of mystery in every picture.
12. Under state and over prove.


John Salmon said...

A few more for you here Mark.

When you start to struggle it's time to stop.

When you come round after a session of intense painting and wonder where the day has gone, and you say, "How on earth did I do that?" Then you are getting something right.

Sometimes, it is not always possible to analyse the things that just seem to happen automatically.

Mark Sheeky said...

... and when your eyes sting and your head aches it's definately time to stop!

For me painting is always a stuggle! On the sad day I find it easy I'll know I've peaked.

John Salmon said...

One more Mark, and we've all done it.

Stop when you start dipping your brush into your tea.