Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I have now finished the synopsis to my musical "Dance! You Fucking Jew!" which is an allegory of 20th century politics and contains scenes so amazing and wondrous it would be a definite hit and certainly educate the world about the horrors of war. The protagonist is David, a beautiful genius dancer who becomes the object of desire of the camp commandant who is a top hat fetishist and latent homosexual Fred Astaire fan. The main antagonists are a song and dance group made from transsexual SS officers who live in art deco luxury and wear fancy black dresses that make the normal German guards quite envious. I've noted the idea for future reference and might work out the basic song structure later. Tomorrow I begin painting "Two Parents Of A Very Lonely Child" which is about autism. My target for 2009 is to paint 50 paintings, release 3 CD's of music, write my first book (which may or may not be of poetry) and make my first video on the computer which will involve getting some extra equipment. My first solo exhibition is probable too, as the venue is already booked.

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