Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My curious painting Three Graves is now finished. It began as a 2D sketch and I shaded different elements to make it appear a bit more solid. The dagger and gravestone shapes are repeated in several sizes and orientations, like I tend to do in the cubisty abstracty ones I've done. Next in painting; more new ideas. My friend Andrew suggested painting something that would make people see the consequences of their actions and I've come up with a idea sketch for something about that.


John Salmon said...

Mark, this is wonderful! You are whetting my apetite to get back into this type of painting again. There's a lot going on in your painting and it demands close examination. I especially like your choice of colour and the disorientating effect it has on the viewer. Give yourself a big pat on the back. You deserve it for work like this.

This work deserves a wider audience, have you considered putting some of your pieces into the Saatchi site?

Mark Sheeky said...

I do have some pictures on Saatchi. All I seem to get in return is what I'd consider to be spam!

I'm thankful that you like the choice of colour, I was insecure about it and it took a lot of working out.