Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Today I awoke at 6am. I wrote a song then applied the imprimaturae to three paintings. I used ultramarine green shade, one of the most horrible of all blues, even worse than the angular robotic hue of phthalo, yet the warm neutrality of this shade of ultramarine is uniquely useful for imprematurae. That said when the tube runs out I might not replace it and use cobalt or the normal ultramarine instead which is my favourite blue. Then I drew my penis on the Apocalypse picture because my model doesn't have one. Matching the pose alone was a feat of amazing skill. For a good artist a good penis is absolutely essential for priapic poses of victory after performing wondrous technical events. Then I began to transfer this complex work to the panel. This effort took six hours during which meditative activity I had the idea for a spectacular musical set in Auschwitz which I'll try and sketch out this evening. For the next week I will underpaint new works and then, with the providence of desire, work on my album of songs for Steven which has needed doing for months.

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