Thursday, February 12, 2009

Drawing today; a portrait of Anna Q. Nilsson and a positive surreal picture called The First Grasp Of Rebirth about my rebirth, the new me for 2009. Today's great idea is high heels for men. Height seems to matter more for men than women, ask any short man, yet high heels seem to be considered effeminate, perhaps seen as a sign of weakness or feeling inadequate? Ha! I say! I am 169cm tall, that's about five foot six in dinosaur units. Should I require more physical dominance I would wear high heels, but could I even walk in them?!!!! The idea of wearing them already intrigues me on some level. Hmm, this is most fascinating. I must design a line of masculine high heeled shoes.

Anyway back to the glories of painting. I want to draw and plan this month. Oil painting in winter is fraught with the danger of solvents with closed windows, something that Christine has recently drawn to my attention. Now, back to work! So much to do!

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