Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Drawing today. It's amazing how I have to relearn to draw each day I draw. By 3pm I seem to be back to an expert, having spent almost all of the day as an amateur, and it seems that the cycle continues the next day! Two paintings sketched out; Clinging On (pictured) and a slightly bigger one called Depression Caused By The Selfishness Of Hiding Selected Personality Traits.

Now it's nearly 5pm. I want to do something else new and creative today to round it off. It's at times like this that I want a cornuthaum, that is a "wizard's" conical hat to concentrate cosmic mental energies! Perhaps I should make a cornuthaum. The cornuthaum market has really dried up in recent centuries.

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José said...


What about putting a white cap and go selling ice creams to Daytona Beach ?
You may get some nice ideas looking at the "view" :-)

best regards,