Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fin de Siécle

Surrealism is different from other art forms. Some people struggle to separate their job from themselves, and many artists do the same with their art but with surrealism the opposite is true; the artist IS the art and sooner or later I faced the fact that my personality became my art and my art was my personality and that exposing my personality was the only option. As such, much of this blog is as much about my self-analysis and way of thinking as it is painting; and that's because my way of thinking is my art too, and each word here is a picture.

I've noticed that my paintings have reflected my life as much as dreams. Unlike perhaps classic surrealism I rarely paint my dreams, yet seem to dream while I'm awake and so do draw and 'see' in to some way fantastical imagery that I paint and even have dreamt of later (perhaps dreaming of my painted imagery makes me an unsurrealist).

Today I've been painting Nine Ladies Weeping, a picture of an ancient stone circle in Derbyshire, it is also about the end of times, a sad passing, and today I've noticed that I've thought of a few pictures and had dreams with that very feeling. As the sun sets who knows what the new day will bring. I feel I'm entering a new chaotic phase, my first since October 2008. The resulting change will impact my art as much as my life.

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