Sunday, February 15, 2009


I have just returned from a short walking break to the New Forest with my mum and brother. In those three days I achieved nothing towards changing the world for the better and very little towards my personal development. If I had not gone it would not have changed anything in the world, apart from perhaps a few pounds lost to the tourist industry. My skills were wasted on trivial activities that anyone could perform when it is my duty to stretch myself. On the plus side new experiences always have some value, especially to artists. Also, I primarily went in the role of companion rather than for a break myself, and I enjoyed some time with my family.

The above analysis of my feelings towards why I don't really like holidays is probably the greatest benefit of that break. One of my life rules has now changed from "Create your own destiny" to "Change the world. It is your destiny." My four rules are written on my wall as guiding lights, and as such that small change of words will affect me, and therefore affect my artworks and creations, and therefore and ultimately the world.

Now I am raring to get going on new painting plans! That is another benefit of a few days away.

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Anonymous said...

I like your philosophy, sir.