Sunday, February 22, 2009


I was asked a week or two ago whether I was painting for work or play. I was unusually stuck for an answer. Work is something miserable done for money. Play is something joyous, and when you're full of joy you don't need money. By chance, my play seems to be creating wealth too. My income from my various creative activities is about £12k a year. I'm already looking forward to the day, perhaps this year when my paintings are worth £12k each! By the time I'm forty I anticipate I'll be a millionaire! The best thing anyone can do is to buy one of my paintings right now as an investment but no NO! The saddest thing is a painting that is an investment. Avarice is the most idiotic feeling and definitely not for me. People should buy a painting because it gives them joy. I might be painting my future wealth or just painting my future joy, but the joy is my motivation.

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