Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Depression Caused By ... 2

The underpainting to this one is complete.

Now I'm stuck on what to do next. I look back at my work and think "inadequate!" and want to destroy it and start new with new ideas, new techniques, new everything. Perhaps a long poem for a change but that's difficult for me because of the unusual improvised rhythms I evolved into using, perhaps I could go back to basics and pick an iambic pentameter or whatever those "normal" poem rhythms are called.

Without a plan, nothing happens. So if I'm to write anything I'll have to set word or line limits. Things happen when a target is visible. To whit to do this week:

1. Make the frame for Perfection and Necroamoria.
2. Graphics for Flatspace iPhone.
3. Visit South Cheshire College for a student art evening.
4. Thirty monster sound effects.
5. Escort Edward Timpson around my art exhibition.
6. Go to Nantwich and collect my paintings.
7. Sequence the main instruments for the sequel to The Spiral Staircase.
8. Preparing the panel for Andrew's portrait and finalise the sketch.
9. etc. (after eight things one etc. is acceptable!)


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