Monday, June 15, 2009

Depression Caused By ...

I'm tired and have a headache now. Yesterday was the first day of underpainting for a medium large picture called Depression Caused By The Selfishness Of Hiding Selected Personality Traits. The surface was very smooth and even perhaps my best panel yet prepared and that made it all the more important, and twice as difficult to apply the paint thinly and evenly. The colours are interesting, all yellows and pinks. Actually almost all of the painting is just titanium chromium oxide yellow with black and white. There is some light red in the sky and some chromium oxide green on the monolith.

The candle light represents and eye and the darkness to the right is hiding away from it. The monolith is green at it's darkest, green being the saddest hue, and it touches the red black of the landscape for contrast. Thus, generally speaking the picture itself hides it's lower corner from the upper one. The door in the body will be lit to represent the light inside, visible if only it would be shown instead of concealed. I had hoped to underpaint most of it and avoid glazing the entire work but the underdrawing lines remain stubbornly visible.

Yesterday I wrote two songs too for an concept album about a relationship. It might be finished or it might not(!) but the beginning and end parts are done which are the most important bits. I want to try some music again because I'm growing tired of painting so I'll get back to my sequencer and re-activate my plans for the sequel to The Spiral Staircase. Committing to two to four weeks to write this is the most difficult bit but now that my only painting with a deadline is finished I can do what I want. Who can say whether music or painting is more important.

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