Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I wrote this last night and spoke it before sleeping to help me recall my dream. I did recall part of my dream.

Let me remember my dreams tonight.
Let me remember the sight.
Let me see from inside.
Bright and vivid.
Crisp and clear.
Let me hear the sounds I will hear.
Let me notice what I will see.
Let me feel the world I shall be.

In my dream I was a boy wearing white pumps. I decided to go swimming in the sea, which might have been a large swimming pool. A headmaster forbade me but I swam anyway. That's all I could remember. I think the headmaster represented my intellect and (so I was told last night before I slept) the water my emotions. The dream suggests that I had decided to do what I feel, and defy what I think for a change.

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