Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I seem to be loaded with jobs! I've made good progress on the opening to The Music Box but then I had to pause to work on Summer's Day but now I have to work on a music commission and I really want to write some poems and maybe even a short story for a competition. I've finished the outline to the Summer's Day painting and scanned it ready to do a half size study. The music job comes first though; and needs six new tracks. These days are full of work and happiness but also tiredness if not actual exhaustion. I doubt that any artist of the past could have done as much in one month as I'll have managed by the end of June.

Yesterday's experiment with "Polymorph" only half worked. The epoxy resin stuck to the other plastic and in hot water "Polymorph" actually becomes more sticky and epoxy becomes more fluid too. They are stuck fast. On the plus side, when hot the transparent result actually looks just like ice, better than the epoxy alone would have looked. I also poured the left over liquid plastic onto glass and dripped acrylic inks into it and made a nice swirly pattern. I'm filled with ideas for using it.

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