Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Music Box

I rewrote the main theme of the first track of my next musical composition today. The game's afoot! All art reflects in some way the mood and circumstances of the artist at the time of conception. Only surrealists embrace this. I've noticed that just as The Spiral Staircase relfected my logical digital personality that was embodied in the cover artwork, The Music Box will again tell a story of rebirth and sadness to joy, as much of my artwork is right now.

At 3pm I began work on a picture for my art group Art Support, and that picture too is all about rebirth. The official theme is Summer's Day.

Now I'm going to make a mould using Polymorph. I've mentioned on my blog before that it's a plastic that goes soft in hot water. I had the idea today of making a mould from it for epoxy resin. Once the resin is set the mould can be removed in a pan of hot water. I am moulding something simple, a wobbly peice of transparent plastic that when peered though would make things look like they are encased in ice.

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