Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Perfection and Necroamoria 11

A slow laborious day painting the greenery shown. Today I proved the difficulty of glazing transparent colours over tiny details, while glazing over medium sized areas like the flat "arm" part shown was simplicity itself. The details up close are nice here but the walls look very flat and plain. Three more days to go. I'm taking far too long on this painting. I think in future I'll try to paint more in the underpainting and if I can paint an object those opaque colours then I'll not bother glazing. At the moment I glaze everything, even flat skies.

Not much else done really. Tomorrow I'm back at my art group and I might try acrylics for a change, or some drawing. Something different and fun anyway. I've got to prepare for that and read more of my book on philosophy.

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