Monday, June 08, 2009

Perfection and Philosophy

A happy day because it's the first where I had some spare time instead of having to paint solid until 7pm, and also because I have sunlight. On the downside today's first bright day has shown up lots of blotches and imperfections and flaws and dust and irrgularites. It must therefore be a brilliant painting or I wouldn't be so critical. This disaster might be serendipity in disguise because I could add another layer when painting the final sexy octopus part, later in the week.

Today I've been painting marble, the sort of sea-worn lump of white marble that can be put in your mouth and rolled around with your tongue for a bit before crushing its slightly peppermint chalk between your teeth! Yes! I've been painting a marble statue. I'm also learning exactly how Dali painted seemingly immeasurably complicated pictures like The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. It's not as diffcult as you think.

However, I had to get out of the house in the afternoon because I was going mad and feeling sad stuck immobile inside day after day so I went to the library and picked up a book on philosophy. It is about 51mm thick. If I want to write a book on philosophy I will at least need to read and understand everything about it, which might involve several metres of reading, and take years. After all of that reading I might decide not to write a book after all, who knows, but I want the title to be The Archelexus of Chaos, which is such a brilliant title that it already seems to be worth reading.

Tomorrow I will paint a blob of a man who is half artist and half rose. Ideally someone will read my book to me while I paint. I badly need a robotic companion. Do book-reading machines exist? They would be easy to build (computer->scanner->OCR->speech synthesizer) and essential for blind philosophers. If had the time I'd build that machine and make a million pounds. Enough money to pay someone to read a book to me. Oh the irony that by that stage it wouldn't be necessary.

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