Sunday, August 30, 2009


The underpainting to Moons and Keyholes is complete! It took three rather arduous days to paint this because the edges of the reliefs too much longer than anticipated. New techniques always take more time and are filled with lessons and setbacks and so far this painting, small though it is, has taken perhaps ten days of work and experiments, several kilograms of plaster and three wood panels. The picture is at least one layer and three more days from completion although I'm considering adding an intermediate layer to make it shine more.

The work on these relief paintings is much more extensive and I'm in two minds about whether the time spent is worth it. Such moments of doubt are common when spending the time but now, when the work is done I feel that the answer is yes!

Next I must prepare for the great Apocalypse of Finance, the second great version. That mammoth painting will test my skills but there are few, not no but few, new techniques and exercises to stretch me so it should be more forgiving.

This afternoon I want to get my big stretcher bars out. I have excellent stretchers and the finest canvas for a painting 120x80cm in size, which to me is huge. I have a slight fear of painting on it because of the cost and trouble of preparing it. Such a fear is a great sign and the best incentive if not proof that I must paint on it.

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