Sunday, August 16, 2009


I've complete The Lightning Of Creation over the past few days. The colours are muted and subtle and smooth and lovely in the right light. It uses gold pigment acting as glitter (very fine gold powder). After some consideration I used oil paint as the adhesive.

Today I finished the drawing for a new painting for the annual Sue Ryder competition. I am considering painting two versions using slightly different techniques. The tracing (transfer) stage comes next.

I've also completed "The Apocalypse..." but have decided to rethink it. That painting about financial crises is ultimately about chaos and stability; that chaos is inevitable but so is stability, those elements manifest themselves in the butterfly; specifically a Swallowtail, perhaps the most "chaotic" and mathematically fractaline of all creatures, although there are other candidates. I must make the fundamentals of the philosophy evident in the painting as well as make a beautiful picture because good philosophy like good mathematics and all truth is beautiful.

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