Thursday, September 10, 2009


Last night I dreamed of a violin with three strings. The strings were frayed and thin and falling apart, as was the bow. I took it to an expert who ran it through a machine and the strings pulled, moving along the length of the instrument like a conveyor belt. Soon the violin had three wide strings, wide like masking tape, and I had a new bow too. I couldn't wait to play this brand new perfect violin.

I spent yesterday painting colour studies for my Apocalypse painting and today painted the third version. The dream was about colour, the resolution of my recent worries about it, and with that resolution comes a new way of working with it, and a new word; chromosurrealism, which is expression of subconscious symbology using colour. Just as objects can be symbols, so can colours, and a chromosurrealist painting uses colour to match the idea and feeling of a painting conveyed by the objects within. The Apocalypse Of Finance, the painting I worked on today will be the first painting to use this idea, the rationalisation of hue. I will further define this in a manifesto. Every new art idea demands a manifesto, and everyone is free to use it!

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