Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Busy over the past two days. Yesterday I painted a picture of a plant reaching for a black moon but I didn't like the colours. In fact I couldn't bear to think of the painting. In the evening I went to a small reception at Jobling Gowler in Macclesfield where The Silkworm is on display. The firm will mount an exhibition of other artworks by the prize winners early next year so I'll have the chance to show some other paintings. The day's painting still bothered me though. This morning I erased it.

Today I painted a small study for The Apocalypse Of Finance but made little progress. I'm frustrated at my lack of progress in art this year, but that is because I am experimenting more than ever and such things take time.

Tick tick tick!


John Salmon said...

Do you keep a tally of your paintings Mark? Your comments made me think and I just counted my 7 x 5 watercolours since January. 105. And I haven't really pushed myself at all this year - too many distractions and sunning in the garden. I've been very lazy.

As Seasick Steve said, "I started out with nothing and I've still got a lot of it left".

Caio Fernandes said...

good to see the way you construct this values ..

Mark Sheeky said...

Hi folks, thanks for the comments! I don't keep a tally as such but my year feels like the opposite of yours John; certainly pushing, working at paintings every day and yet seemingly finishing nothing. The days when I'm signing off a completed painting seem to be few and far between and I'm not pleased with many of this year's works. But, I'm aiming higher and working larger, so both of those things take more time. I'm working different hours too, and doing things in different ways. Sometimes I'm frustrated by the speed, but the results should be better in the end. I'm a tortoise!