Sunday, September 27, 2009

Haunted Camera Dream

I dream of enrolling in a college course. Two friends were with me, one I haven't seen in 20 years who subsequently. We sat down at a round table in the busy student area across from three pretty giggly girls. I wasn't interested in any of them but felt more confident with them than my shy friends. A chubby girl sat next to me with a prescription energy drink. We started talking and got on well although I felt slightly guilty doing so knowing that I had a girl friend. When she looked at me her face was brightly painted and the patterns swirled and moved.

I walked home along the college road and found it very difficult to walk at all, straining to recall how to walk. I managed to make progress by walking backwards. I had a camera and took photographs of a fantastic yellow storm through the fence that lined the left of the road, it was the storm from my painting "I'll Be Here For You". I thought this was hell. The camera spoke words with a voice like a small child when the shutter was pressed and when I played back the images I saw video of a theme park. I knew that the camera was haunted and that the child was a ghost. A passer by became interested and I wanted to show him that the camera was only haunted when I used it. I turned the corner and was inside a building. The storm still raged beyond the glass making a beautiful tunnel in the yellow dusty clouds. An ostrich with one eye like a cyclops was behind glass in one room, like an exhibit in a zoo. I photographed that and passed the camera to the man to try it.

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