Saturday, September 05, 2009

Hawaii And Japanese Chess Dreams

Today I discovered that St. Isidore is the patron saint of computer programmers.

I had two distinct dreams last night. The first was about Hawaii. I heard of some women living there and drew a map of their locations based on a telephone description. I placed them on the wrong island, discovering later that Hawaii was several large islands like Japan. I went there, though the journey by plane was long and I feared crashing into the ocean. I was drawing on tracing paper in a room like that of my old primary school with the three women. There were complimentary one and wanted my autograph. One sweet attractive woman said that she was a virgin and madly in love with her fiancee, a pilot who was soon to arrive. I began to talk to her about myself but stopped as the others were listening. I awoke with positive feelings.

In the second dream I wanted to play chess with an old Japanese man but we had no pieces, just a board. We used pasta and other things as pieces but my ranks were short. I suggested he should remove his pieces that matched the gaps in mine. He didn't speak English well though, complicating things. I decided I didn't feel like playing. I suggested Shogi; after some confusion he said "Ah - Shoji!". He procured a set which had American instructions but I still struggled with setting the game up because of the new larger board of a variant I had not played. The dream ended around there.

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