Thursday, September 03, 2009

I'll Be Here For You

A full day yesterday. I completed a painting called I'll Be Here For You which is about the emptiness of those words if they are just words. I painted it in the company of my dear darling ferret which was highly beneficial. I did some framing here and there and had a tracing done of a study of the Apocalypse in return.

I'm beginning to see and understand the manipulation of colours better than before. Just as when you accumulate knowledge of objects by drawing such that you can see a scribble and see the objects inside them, it is likewise possible to see an image and identify the ideal colours inside it too. Not all colours match according to a fixed theory because humans see some colours more vividly, and some have psychological and biological significance. The mystique of colours is a subject for another day but it is one I am now penetrating.


John Salmon said...

Hi Mark, some nice gradations going on there. Is that the full painting or are you teasing us again? Looking good.

Mark Sheeky said...

A tease! It'll be dry enough to scan properly in a couple of weeks! I am pleased with the cols in this for a change. I think I showed the full underpainting a few months ago?? Not sure.