Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Machinosh, Giger and Hockney

I'm very tired today because I've done a lot of new things. I was more active than usual at Art Support, met a new member there and struggled but succeeded in recalling the names of many recent new artists! Exhausted when I got back I slumped down and sleepily watched a documentary about Charles Renee Mackintosh which was interesting. I flicked through a book of H.R.Giger pictures at the same time and consequently drew the plan for a painting called Scales Of Justice as a joint homage to both artists. In my head the picture is about two metres wide by five or more high which is too big for me to paint. Mackintosh had more intelligence, skill and imagination than Giger. I went out and bought parts for a lamp and imagined making a limited number and selling them to all of the best people in Britain. Later I read part of a book by David Hockney, who has painted very few good pictures in my opinion, but he seems like a nice chap. I suspect he'd think that being a nice chap was more important than painting good pictures anyway.

Now I'm so tired I feel only the dull thud of a damp grey mop periodically thumping the inside of my cranium in an eternal salute to a slowly liquifying snail in a polished chromium shell. Tomorrow I'll draw or do light work for on Friday I begin a painting at full speed again. Today's ideas gave me a sense of future greatness and the feeling is more tangible than ever.

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