Monday, September 14, 2009

Money Just Running Out

It is done! A glance at my documentation shows that this idea was concepted and first painted in 2007. It was refined over the course of two previous versions and one sky study. This might not be my best work in terms of feeling and meaning but it is certainly my most technically accomplished, being painted faster and more freely than any other picture and better for it. The picture included a few innovations such as gold paint and dry brush effects and overall marks the start of a new period in my painting techniques. I now know what I'm doing! Yes yes!

Now as September draws to a close I find myself filled with energy to paint which is in some ways annoying. I want to write some music in October, make some more sound effects for my website IndieSFX, and ideally write my Tumor novel too in November. Every piece of output is important.

Today my handwriting is full of élan and confidence so I will build on that. Olé!


Kathy said...

Fantastic! I love this painting. It's imaginative and skillfully rendered. So glad you stuck with it.

Mark Sheeky said...

Thank you! I knew I'd finish it eventually!! :)