Thursday, September 17, 2009

Moons And Keyholes

My Wednesdays are often a compressed and stressful social whir, and that makes a normal Thursday slow, lonely and melancholic, as was most of today, which perfectly matched the mood of the painting I painted; a picture of lighthouses, stone angels, moons, keyholes, and the destruction of those things and that mood with a green shoot of joy.

Due to that mood the glazing I did was a little laboured, very slow and lacking in confidence and flair, but the quality was no worse than normal. The painting of the light blue sky of joy transformed my mood. A blue sky would do that for any painter on this dull day of white autumn cloud. I painted the sky in cobalt blue to give it warmness. I prefer ultramarine as a blue though. Cobalt blue is more permanent but ultramarine looks better when glazed in layers and is more powerful so when mixed with white it is more opaque and easier to paint smoothly.

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