Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September Dawns

A day of trumpets goals glories doors and new beginnings! August was rather slow and tired as I adjusted my new life. Already September is filled with joy and promise. This morning I awoke with a new work time schedule based on ninety minutes work with twenty minutes rest, a schema which applies throughout the day including meal times. I need exercise and more energy in the long run, as long painting days are proving to be problematically both mentally and physically.

The morning emails were delightful and included a manifesto. I cut six frames. A butterfly clattered it's wings against the window trying to escape the garage. I was powerless to help though I tried to point the way out. I added two newly scanned paintings to my website, "Depression Caused..." and "The Bombing Of Dresden". In the afternoon I cut batons for attaching mirror plates to frames and then transferred at great effort the Apocalypse drawing to the panel I prepared yesterday. Soon I will try a new transferrence method for the study.

At each moment I wanted to paint but felt thwarted. Next week is full of appointments, and the dentist on Thursday is a slight but annoying disruption to this week making work on any big picture troublesome. That said I have lots of smaller and partly finished pictures to complete! But Oh! The painting season is nearly ended as my fading light informs me and I'm full of ideas that are not painted.

Now I must pause this ramble. My important work awaits!

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