Saturday, October 10, 2009


Computer trouble and a dull persistent headache and probably due to a cold have slowed my progress over recent days. I must generate morale so I will think of what I have achieved. First I've primed an 80cm square canvas, ready for a new painting "Abandoning Someone Who Was A Friend When I Had Nobody" which is drawn out and planned for the most part.

I've partly finished the study for Christ In The Garden Of Gethsemane, which is also a big picture. Even at this stage I'm making compositional changes and referred to the original automatic drawing to add an iris into the distance.

I've reprogrammed some mass file renamer software which was very useful in updating my website, and also updated my music software NoiseStation II a version, the first update since Dec 2007.

I finished a tune too, a simple game theme for IndieSFX. I hoped to start something grander and more impressive but I heard only silence in my head, or at least a cacophany of chaos instead of firm emotion. I have listened to some classical music to get me back into the swing of that. I've also finished another layer of a nuclear butterfly, a small painting about chaos that relates to the Apocalypse Of Finance.

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